Technological advances in the processing, management and dissemination of information and knowledge are never ending  affair. These developments have and will continue to impact library services of today. The way information is published or made available will continue to evolve and progress as advancement are taking place rapidly. Moreover  information is now a recognized commodity and important  resource that can help transform institutional learning, development and research.

New technological approaches such as digital publishing, digitisation, Web 2.0, social networking platforms (Facebook,      Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), blogs, wikis, cloud computing, open source, open access, mobile telecommunication technologies,  etc., have   improved information availability and human communications. These developments are in tandem with the needs and requirements of the masses that seek changes in the way they see the world. It has to be acknowledged that how future information are to be made available and sought will significantly dictate the direction of the future technological advancements. Over the last five decades, libraries are at the forefront of embracing these technological innovations and it will continue to do so, as libraries will strive to remain  relevant to the modern community.

It is without doubt that emerging technological advances will challenge the very existence of libraries and librarian, and provide a shift from conventional services offered. The question now is, how the new generation or GenNext libraries and librarians are embracing these changes? and to what extent libraries are prepared to  apply and  utilise these new technologies to the fullest? Most importantly, the questions of what future  technological advances are in place that will help change the faces of new libraries and the kind of human challenges brought about by these changes.

Hence, the conference aims to achieve the followings:

  • Inform of latest technological advances that directly affect libraries and information centers;
  • Sharing of innovative ideas on information management and   digital publishing
  • Inspiring changes based on the best practices in information management and services.



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